Unravelling the ‘Jaws’ myth

Scientists have long had a (debatedly) unhealthy fascination for potentially dangerous wild animals. A curiosity for anything with sharp teeth, claws, fangs, tusks, and an instinct for survival so strong they could easily shred you to pieces. Call it the thrill of danger , or the strange excitement stemming from being upclose with some of the world’s most lethal predators. […]

Internships: Playing with Turtles.

For 3 months this summer, I will be undertaking a husbandry internship at the National Marine Aquarium (NMA) in Plymouth, Devon. The aquarium is the largest in the UK and is a charity dedicated to conserving and researching species from across the world oceans, as well as educating the public on sustainable development. Myself and […]

Animal Intelligence: could they be as smart as us?

Measuring intelligence is hard, even amongst humans. It is a concept to which many dimensions can be applied. Therefore, if a scale of intelligence were to be created, individuals might rank differently upon this depending on which parameter you choose to study. This makes measuring intelligence across species even more difficult. When comparing other animals […]

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