Why is there a massive void in space?

Most of us have heard the terms before; interplanetary, interstellar (great movie by the way), intergalactic… but I’m going to go one step higher: Interuniversal. The space between universes… Yes, I’m implying there is more than one, and I’m going to tell you about an observable phenomena that might just prove it. It’s called the […]

Heavens Above! observing special: Debris discs as seen from Mauna Kea

  Heavens Above! Heavens Above! is the astronomy section of the Sci@StAnd website. This month features an extra special post as our resident astronomer, Claire Davies, is busy observing the heavens with the James Clark Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) from the mountain top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii.  About the JCMT Astronomers make use of the various […]

First direct detection of cosmic inflation

Earlier today, a dramatic announcement was released from the BICEP2 team at Harvard University. Although the results presented are preliminary and have not yet been peer reviewed, there is much excitement amongst astronomers and cosmologists. The BICEP2 team claim that their results show the detailed signature of gravitational waves from a period early on in […]

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