Alms of the vein: are anti-ageing efforts a possibility?

Anti-ageing: a problem caused by ever improving medical resources and health care, and the reason for an older population. As such, combating this is a goal that we are constantly striving to achieve. There are constant efforts to find a cure for the effects aging has on the bodily systems, and millions are spent to […]

Bone tissue generation: A truly marrowing Summer

This Summer, I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of a research team at Glasgow University, looking into an alternative and less invasive source of bone grafts. As is well known, spinal injuries and conditions related to aging are becoming a huge problem in today’s society, with the steep rise of life expectancy […]

St Andrews Awarded £5.7m to Further Understand Evolution

The University of St Andrews announced last week that they have been awarded a £5.7 million grant to lead an international team of experts in a research programme with the aim of furthering our understanding of evolution. [1] The multi-disciplinary team of 50 world renowned figures, led by Professor Kevin Laland of the School of Biology […]

Dogs in Dementia Research

In 1907, Dr Alois Alzheimer scientifically recorded dementia for the first time when he noticed rapid memory loss accompanied by a disillusioned thoughts and hallucinations in his patient. [1] Since then, a significant amount of research has been performed, but dementia today is still defined in more or less the same way: as a deterioration […]

New £10m Marine Lab to be Built in St Andrews

The new £10 million marine laboratory planned to replace the internationally renowned but now outdated Gatty Marine Laboratory at the University of St Andrews should secure the University’s status as frontrunners of Marine Conservation Science in the UK. The new facility will provide a global hub for marine research focused on conservation and understanding the effects […]

Lost in Translation

There are some aspects of life in China that even after half a year here I still find extremely odd. A lot of quirks in the culture that just don’t really translate into something we would have back home. One thing I’ve gotten used to but still occasionally throws me when I see extreme examples […]

Revealing the first years of baby sea turtles

The first few years of a loggerhead sea turtle’s life are one of the most mysterious and unobserved events in marine biology. Scientists have called these the “lost years” and only after a painstaking collation of multiple pieces of evidence were they beginning to piece together this sea turtle jigsaw puzzle. Ship observations, brick-sized satellite tags […]

6 tips on how not to stay single for next year’s Valentines day

A month has now past since Valentines Day and one question that we’re asking is, were you single on Valentines day? Did you spend it alone in your room, watching The Notebook and stuffing your face with Fisher and Donaldson fudge doughnuts, whilst cradling a bottle of wine (or several)? Did you spend the night […]

Star Trek’s “tractor beam” becomes a reality!

The idea of a “tractor beam”, a beam of light used to attract objects to its source, has been a staple in many science fiction movies and TV shows ever since it was first mentioned back in 1928 in E. E. Smith’s story “Skylark of Space”. It has been made the most famous, though, by […]

Regenerative Medicine as a Future Alternative for Organ Transplantation

Medicine of the 21st century is significantly improving and a high number of lethal diseases can be treated or prevented when the appropriate treatment is applied. However, many major health issues remain unsolved worldwide, with organ failure being one of them. Crucially important organs such as the kidney, liver or heart can develop disorders and sometimes the last resort is organ […]

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