Welcome to my blog…and how to cure Nature Deficit Disorder

First of all let me take the chance to thank you for clicking on this link to my new blog, “Wildlife Warrior”, with Sci@StAnd. My major hope is that this blog will help to inspire you to do your bit for our planet’s wildlife, as well as being interesting, fun and thought-provoking! Each week or […]

Irregularities in paper about news-breaking stem cell research cause it to be retracted

It unfortunately seems that the exciting so called “stem cell break-through” is subjected to controversy after Japanese researcher (including one of the paper’s co-authors) called for the paper to be retracted. The apparent “simplicity” of the method was contested, after several scientists experienced difficulties in trying to replicate the experimental protocol given in the paper, […]

Star Trek’s “tractor beam” becomes a reality!

The idea of a “tractor beam”, a beam of light used to attract objects to its source, has been a staple in many science fiction movies and TV shows ever since it was first mentioned back in 1928 in E. E. Smith’s story “Skylark of Space”. It has been made the most famous, though, by […]

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