February 2016 – The History of Our Moon

Heavens Above! is the astronomy section of the Sci@StAnd website, updated each month to highlight a particular phenomenon in the night sky. Last month, we examined the lives of violent galaxies. In this issue, we will discover the origin of our nearest cosmic neighbour, the Moon. Everyone is familiar with the Moon. Its colours and […]

UK to Lead New Moon-Landing Mission

A new British-led initiative, named Lunar Mission One, could see a robotic probe landing on the Moon in just 10 years. The mission, which is partnered with UK based company RAL Space, aims to see a probe land on the Moon’s unexplored South Pole in 2024 and, with the use of revolutionary technology, drill 20-100 […]

The First of Four Blood Moons…

  As many of you may know, early on Tuesday morning, stargazers in America and the Pacific were blessed with a rare celestial event – a blood moon, or total lunar eclipse. The first of a lunar tetrad – four consecutive total lunar eclipses, each separated by six lunar months. The next are due to […]

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