Welcome to my blog…and how to cure Nature Deficit Disorder

First of all let me take the chance to thank you for clicking on this link to my new blog, “Wildlife Warrior”, with Sci@StAnd. My major hope is that this blog will help to inspire you to do your bit for our planet’s wildlife, as well as being interesting, fun and thought-provoking! Each week or […]

Internships: Playing with Turtles.

For 3 months this summer, I will be undertaking a husbandry internship at the National Marine Aquarium (NMA) in Plymouth, Devon. The aquarium is the largest in the UK and is a charity dedicated to conserving and researching species from across the world oceans, as well as educating the public on sustainable development. Myself and […]

Seals Using Fish Tags in a Dinner Bell Effect

According to a recent study, grey seals are using tracking tags attached to fish in order to find easy prey. This new research from the University of St Andrews’ Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) appears to suggest that seals use the sound produced by these tags like a dinner bell, learning that the sound is […]

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