Nitrogen takes center stage in the Great Oxygenation Event

Altering the known path of evolution?   Research fresh from the University’s own School of Earth and Environmental Science provides fresh insight into a key part of Earth’s evolution. This new take on The Great Oxygenation Event by the team headed by Dr. Aubrey Zerkle is based on new data that fills a 400 million […]

Climbing Up the Tree of Life

Remember the tree of life? The monumental, ridiculously gigantic construct we would ponder upon in our biology textbooks at schools? We were told all of biology revolved around it – it was the underlying concept picturing the genealogy of all life forms on Earth, linking every single organism ever recorded in a single, colossal family tree, right down […]

Philae’s Last Gasp

Although the Philae lander may have fallen silent, the Rosetta mission continues and the analysis of the data the lander managed to send back has only just begun. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Rosetta or Philae, you can find our previous articles with more information on Rosetta and Philae […]

A Cloudy Start to Life

A recent press release from the School of Physics and Astronomy here in St Andrews has revealed that clouds in the atmospheres of alien worlds could be seeding the precursors of new life. The research, soon to be published in the International Journal of Astrobiology, was carried out by Dr Craig Stark and colleagues who have been […]

Life in Shanghai

Hello! I’ve now been living in China for 3 weeks and I already love it here!

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