Heaven’s Above! Handover interview

Heavens Above! is the astronomy section of the Sci@StAnd site. This month, we see the handover of this section from the current author John Weaver to the new author, Kate Gould. So Kate, tell me a bit about yourself: Well first off, I’m a first year here at St Andrews and like a lot of […]

From Europe to Europa – in search of life

From the earliest astronomers to the space race of the late 21st century, space exploration has always had one question in mind: is there life elsewhere in the universe? Although numerous exoplanets (planets located outside of our solar systems) offer habitable zones, scientists at ESA and NASA are looking a bit closer to home. Europa, […]

January 2014 – Gemini and Jupiter

Heavens Above! Happy new year to all Heavens Above! readers! Heavens Above! is the astronomy section of the Sci@StAnd website, updated each month to bring you a different constellation of focus. Last month, we focused on the constellation of Boötes and the planet hosting star, tau Boo. This time, we focus on the constellation of […]

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