Reasons for Research in Industry

In an academic research setting, projects are run to increase and develop understanding of specific areas of interest. In an industrial research setting, while some areas are looked into for understanding and interest, it is still a profit driven environment, dictated by the market and the laws which govern it. In some of my earlier […]

Reality Check

One thing I’ve learned on my year on placement is that, sometimes, not everything works. It could be perfect on paper and in theory but in reality, sometimes it just can’t be done. This isn’t a total shock when you think about it, but previous experiences in the undergraduate teaching labs lead you into almost […]

Upholding the Student Life

Despite the fact I’m on my industrial placement year and, therefore, should be just going about a standard 9-to-5 (or close to that as I’m on flexi time, which is excellent by the way) at DuPont Teijin Films (DTF). I’m still juggling my placement with an undergraduate student lifestyle, as there are so many students (around […]

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