Huge crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf threatens to break off into the sea

Science has warned us over and over again: climate change is real. It is happening now, and with every passing year, we can witness the slow, inevitable approaching change that glares over us. Make no mistake, I am not referring to some obscure Hollywood apocalyptic scenario; no… The change is much more subtle but no less terrifying. […]

Your wine and climate change

Just when you thought climate change couldn’t get any worse. Ocean acidification, sea-level rise, hurricanes, we know what we’re in for, correct? Well, if you are – like me – a wine enthusiast, you’re in for yet another dissapointment. A word of advice: start stocking up now. Until recently, the wine industry had greatly benefited from […]

COP21: Historic Deal Reached at UN Summit on Climate Change

Leaders and negotiators from almost 200 countries reached an unprecedented agreement on global climate change in Paris on Saturday (12th December 2015) after years of fruitless attempts to create a legally binding deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Representatives from the political and business worlds are already hailing the deal a success, with U.S. President […]

COP 21: The Upcoming U.N. Climate Summit in Paris

A potentially historic U.N. Climate Change Summit will take place later this month in Paris. Negotiators from nearly 200 nations will gather in the city on the 30th November, which will mark the start of two weeks of talks aimed at securing a global agreement to reduce climate pollution. The overall aim of the talks […]

Solar Powered Aircraft Soars to Success

Imagine a world where we didn’t rely on fossil fuels. Imagine a world where all of our energy was renewable, where we didn’t pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gases and where transportation wasn’t such a frighteningly significant contributor to global warming. Sound far-fetched? A pair of Swiss visionaries beg to disagree. In 2003, Bertrand Piccard […]

EU Leaders Agree on Landmark Emissions Cuts

After heated discussions at the Brussels summit last week, EU leaders have reached a landmark decision to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40 % by 2030. An agreement has also been reached that the use of renewable energy should be boosted to 27 % within the total energy mix and that energy efficiency must be increased […]

Climate Change Skeptics: Living in Denial?

In 2006 the world saw the release of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and it began to seem as though the key facts about anthropogenic climate change were becoming more widely accepted in society. Yet, seven years later, step outside the world of environmental science and the reality of climate change is still doubted, debated and […]

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