Nitrogen takes center stage in the Great Oxygenation Event

Altering the known path of evolution?   Research fresh from the University’s own School of Earth and Environmental Science provides fresh insight into a key part of Earth’s evolution. This new take on The Great Oxygenation Event by the team headed by Dr. Aubrey Zerkle is based on new data that fills a 400 million […]

The enigma of Chile’s whale fossil graveyard finally explained

Thousands of 5 million year old whale fossils. One location by the Pan-American Highway. No explanation… Until now. Such discoveries get palaeontologists up in the mornings to dig painstakingly away at relics of a lost time. The discovery was not unexpected since Chile’s Atacama Desert is renowned for having some of the finest preserved whale […]

400 million years ago: mind the scorpions in Scotland!

Often, we find ourselves contemplating life that flourishes on the Earth. From microscopic algae to gigantic blue whales, the diversity and variety of life is ever so intriguing to the curious human nature. A few of us though, do not simply contempt themselves with the life that exists on this present day, but go back millions […]

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