Nitrogen takes center stage in the Great Oxygenation Event

Altering the known path of evolution?   Research fresh from the University’s own School of Earth and Environmental Science provides fresh insight into a key part of Earth’s evolution. This new take on The Great Oxygenation Event by the team headed by Dr. Aubrey Zerkle is based on new data that fills a 400 million […]

Tuskless elephants: how poaching is changing African elephants

As the poaching crisis rumbles on, African elephant populations are being decimated. But something strange is also happening to the appearance of elephants. They’re losing their tusks. If you take a safari in Zambia, you’re now far more likely to see an elephant with no tusks than you did back in 1969. 10.5% of females […]

St Andrews Awarded £5.7m to Further Understand Evolution

The University of St Andrews announced last week that they have been awarded a £5.7 million grant to lead an international team of experts in a research programme with the aim of furthering our understanding of evolution. [1] The multi-disciplinary team of 50 world renowned figures, led by Professor Kevin Laland of the School of Biology […]

Study shows striking similarities between human and monkey brain

Still in disbelief that we share a common ancestor with primates? There is less and less room for doubt, now, as scientists announce that we possess a unique region of the brain that is found nowhere else in the animal kingdom, but in primates! Upon analysis of 25 human and macaque brains, scientists had a […]

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