Climate Leadership Council-Carbon taxes Mk.2

We need to reduce carbon emissions, everybody knows that. Curbing and reducing current levels of Carbon Dioxide is pretty much the only way of reducing climate change. But how is the hard question; there have been a few attempted answers. The Climate leadership council (CLC) propose a Cap and Dividend system. Learning from the mistakes […]

Nitrogen takes center stage in the Great Oxygenation Event

Altering the known path of evolution?   Research fresh from the University’s own School of Earth and Environmental Science provides fresh insight into a key part of Earth’s evolution. This new take on The Great Oxygenation Event by the team headed by Dr. Aubrey Zerkle is based on new data that fills a 400 million […]

Light pollution and the fight for darker skies

When was the last time you saw a starry sky? Last night? A week ago? If you live in a big city, odds are it wasn’t recently. A few hundred years ago, before the industrial revolution and the plague of light pollution, things were different. Anyone could look up at the sky at night and […]

2050 – the year plastic will outnumber fish

Warning: this article contains photos of animals which readers may find unsettling. Yes you read that right, according to research by the World Economic Forum, by 2050 you are more likely to bump into some plastic than a fish whilst taking a dip in the big blue [1]. Plastics are one of the most versatile […]

Illegal loggers stopped in their tracks

Imagine you’re in a rainforest… what would you hear? Pessimists would say the chuckles of poachers and illegal loggers with the depressing roar of a chainsaw. But really think, is that what you would hear? In reality, there’s the chittering of insects, cawing of rhinoceros hornbill, chirping of cicadas and howling of gibbons which summate […]

COP21: Historic Deal Reached at UN Summit on Climate Change

Leaders and negotiators from almost 200 countries reached an unprecedented agreement on global climate change in Paris on Saturday (12th December 2015) after years of fruitless attempts to create a legally binding deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Representatives from the political and business worlds are already hailing the deal a success, with U.S. President […]

COP 21: The Upcoming U.N. Climate Summit in Paris

A potentially historic U.N. Climate Change Summit will take place later this month in Paris. Negotiators from nearly 200 nations will gather in the city on the 30th November, which will mark the start of two weeks of talks aimed at securing a global agreement to reduce climate pollution. The overall aim of the talks […]

Welcome to my blog…and how to cure Nature Deficit Disorder

First of all let me take the chance to thank you for clicking on this link to my new blog, “Wildlife Warrior”, with Sci@StAnd. My major hope is that this blog will help to inspire you to do your bit for our planet’s wildlife, as well as being interesting, fun and thought-provoking! Each week or […]

Tiny Robots Could Suck Carbon Dioxide from the Oceans

Tiny machines, smaller than the width of a single human hair, have been designed at the University of California, San Diego, that could be used to rid the oceans of carbon dioxide pollution, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. The team of researchers, led by distinguished nanoengineering professor and chair Joseph Wang, have […]

St Andrews Starts Largest Electric Car Club in Scotland

Last week, the University of St Andrews teamed up with Transport Scotland and E-Car to launch the largest electric car club in Scotland (and the first ever in Fife!).   The club is comprised of a fleet of ten electric vehicles (eight Renault ZOE hatchbacks and two Renault Kangoo vans) which can be hired by […]

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