Counting To Two

We grow up believing numbers are a universal language. People living in different countries with different cultures and languages can still agree that 2+2=4. However, this is not true of everyone sharing our planet. There are some people who don’t use the same counting system as us, such as the Pirahã. They are a tribe […]

Shine: St Andrews Celebrates the International Year of Light

In December 2013 the UN General Assembly announced that 2015 is the International Year of Light and Light Based Technologies. [1] There are over 85 countries involved and more than 100 partners from these, committed to developing this initiative. This program was set up in order to celebrate innovations in light science, as well as […]

2 Months To Go

It dawned on me a few days ago that I have just 2 months left in Shanghai and I’m really not ready to leave! Summer has arrived and while it is very humid it’s not yet unbearable so the weather is perfect for meals/drinks outdoors and I’m actually starting to get a bit of a […]

Lost in Translation

There are some aspects of life in China that even after half a year here I still find extremely odd. A lot of quirks in the culture that just don’t really translate into something we would have back home. One thing I’ve gotten used to but still occasionally throws me when I see extreme examples […]

East meets West

Shanghai is the biggest and most international city in China, and with a population which has increased from 15 million to over 23 million in just the past ten years it has naturally attracted a lot of interest from foreign investors. A lot of this investment comes from wealthy banks or private businesses which you […]

Lab Life in Shanghai

It has to be said, there are some significant differences between the labs here in Fudan and the ones you find back in the School of Chemistry, Purdie Building, in St Andrews. I mean, sure, the general equipment is much the same: centrifuges, fume hoods, furnaces etc., they all work exactly as you’d expect and, […]

Life in Shanghai

Hello! I’ve now been living in China for 3 weeks and I already love it here!

Preparing for Take Off

Katie prepares herself for her relocation to Shanghai.

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