Alms of the vein: are anti-ageing efforts a possibility?

Anti-ageing: a problem caused by ever improving medical resources and health care, and the reason for an older population. As such, combating this is a goal that we are constantly striving to achieve. There are constant efforts to find a cure for the effects aging has on the bodily systems, and millions are spent to […]

Bone tissue generation: A truly marrowing Summer

This Summer, I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of a research team at Glasgow University, looking into an alternative and less invasive source of bone grafts. As is well known, spinal injuries and conditions related to aging are becoming a huge problem in today’s society, with the steep rise of life expectancy […]

Unravelling the ‘Jaws’ myth

Scientists have long had a (debatedly) unhealthy fascination for potentially dangerous wild animals. A curiosity for anything with sharp teeth, claws, fangs, tusks, and an instinct for survival so strong they could easily shred you to pieces. Call it the thrill of danger , or the strange excitement stemming from being upclose with some of the world’s most lethal predators. […]

Stimulants: How can something so popular be so damaging?

In recent years drugs like Adderall, used in the treatment of ADHD, have become familiar to university students across the US and UK. Many students have abused prescription stimulants like Adderall in the belief that it will enhance their ability to focus. The term ‘cognitive enhancement’ has been popularised by the media, with frequent debates […]

University of St Andrews leads new TB data-sharing platform

Data collected from one of the largest tuberculosis (TB) clinical drugs trials, lead by the University of St Andrews, has been released as part of a new data-sharing platform. The trial, completed in 2014, sought to investigate whether moxifloxacin, an antibacterial drug used in the treatment of pneumonia and bronchitis [1], could be used as a […]

Climbing Up the Tree of Life

Remember the tree of life? The monumental, ridiculously gigantic construct we would ponder upon in our biology textbooks at schools? We were told all of biology revolved around it – it was the underlying concept picturing the genealogy of all life forms on Earth, linking every single organism ever recorded in a single, colossal family tree, right down […]

St Andrews Awarded £5.7m to Further Understand Evolution

The University of St Andrews announced last week that they have been awarded a £5.7 million grant to lead an international team of experts in a research programme with the aim of furthering our understanding of evolution. [1] The multi-disciplinary team of 50 world renowned figures, led by Professor Kevin Laland of the School of Biology […]

Seeing the Light: New Hope for Cataract Sufferers?

New research carried out in China and the USA has discovered a new method that could allow the optical lens to be regenerated completely, without the need for potentially harmful surgery, and has so far completely restored sight in 12 children. The five senses in humans are all hugely important and anything that causes any […]

Nephrotic Syndrome: a light at the end of the tunnel?

Nephrotic syndrome, a detrimental kidney disease that results in a patient’s blood proteins leaking into the urine [1], has been a topic of research for some time but a recent advancement could drastically cut the time and funding required to diagnose the condition. The newly developed super-resolution structured illumination microscope (SIM) does what 200 years of […]

St Andrews and Harvard publish breakthrough in fibre-optic wound healing

Researchers from the University of St Andrews and Harvard University have jointly published a paper in the journal Nature describing the use of biodegradable fibre-optic devices. These waveguide devices deliver externally-applied light deep into the tissue, allowing the process of photochemical tissue bonding in deeper tissue than previously treated  [1,2]. Photochemical tissue bonding is a technique that […]

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