Irregularities in paper about news-breaking stem cell research cause it to be retracted

It unfortunately seems that the exciting so called “stem cell break-through” is subjected to controversy after Japanese researcher (including one of the paper’s co-authors) called for the paper to be retracted. The apparent “simplicity” of the method was contested, after several scientists experienced difficulties in trying to replicate the experimental protocol given in the paper, […]

The Four C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and… Conductivity?

Physicist Dmitry Budker of the University of California, Berkeley and his colleagues at UCLA and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel have recently published work into coloured diamonds and a possible new use as magnetic field detectors for superconductors. Coloured diamonds contain mostly the same structure as regular diamond, a giant network of carbon […]

Revealing the first years of baby sea turtles

The first few years of a loggerhead sea turtle’s life are one of the most mysterious and unobserved events in marine biology. Scientists have called these the “lost years” and only after a painstaking collation of multiple pieces of evidence were they beginning to piece together this sea turtle jigsaw puzzle. Ship observations, brick-sized satellite tags […]

UK Supercomputer Shuts down

For the last six and a half years, HECToR (High-End Computing Terascale Resource), the UK’s national supercomputer held at the Univeristy of Edinburgh, Scotland, has enabled researchers from all across the UK to understand the mystery of hydrogen bonds,[1] investigating new green chemical compounds, solve the mystery of a car battery’s current[3], and much more. […]

First direct detection of cosmic inflation

Earlier today, a dramatic announcement was released from the BICEP2 team at Harvard University. Although the results presented are preliminary and have not yet been peer reviewed, there is much excitement amongst astronomers and cosmologists. The BICEP2 team claim that their results show the detailed signature of gravitational waves from a period early on in […]

Record-breaking dinosaur species found in Portugal

A tantalising discovery has been made by researchers studying fossils in Portugal that has rocked the paleontological world. Having been dug up a few years ago, jaw fragments and some vertebrae found in the Lourinhã Formation of Central West Portugal were originally assigned to the species Torvosaurus tanneri. However, this species has only been found […]

The enigma of Chile’s whale fossil graveyard finally explained

Thousands of 5 million year old whale fossils. One location by the Pan-American Highway. No explanation… Until now. Such discoveries get palaeontologists up in the mornings to dig painstakingly away at relics of a lost time. The discovery was not unexpected since Chile’s Atacama Desert is renowned for having some of the finest preserved whale […]

Spectacular Aurora Borealis in St Andrews!

As many readers will know, on the night of Thursday 27th February the entire UK was treated to an incredible natural spectacle. The aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, paid us a visit and lit up our skies in the kind of light show usually reserved only for those living at much higher latitudes. Reports suggest […]

Horizon 2020 UK Funding Call

On February 19, the UK marked the start for new applications for funding from Horizon 2020. Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly £67 billion of funding available over the next 7 years. With a focus on scientific excellence in the UK, Horizon 2020 has also put an emphasis on sustainability, […]

The simple stem cell breakthrough

Last week, a Japanese research team broke into the news with what sounds to be a rather simple method of generating totipotent stem cells from adult mouse blood cells by dipping the cells into an acidic bath. This research could greatly contribute to the efforts made to generate human stem cells, which could be used […]

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