Climate Leadership Council-Carbon taxes Mk.2

We need to reduce carbon emissions, everybody knows that. Curbing and reducing current levels of Carbon Dioxide is pretty much the only way of reducing climate change. But how is the hard question; there have been a few attempted answers. The Climate leadership council (CLC) propose a Cap and Dividend system. Learning from the mistakes […]

Nitrogen takes center stage in the Great Oxygenation Event

Altering the known path of evolution?   Research fresh from the University’s own School of Earth and Environmental Science provides fresh insight into a key part of Earth’s evolution. This new take on The Great Oxygenation Event by the team headed by Dr. Aubrey Zerkle is based on new data that fills a 400 million […]

Science after Brexit: the end of UK science?

From the invention of logarithms by St Andrews graduate John Napier in 1614 to more recent successes such as the Nobel Prize-winning isolation of graphene by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov at the University of Manchester in 2012, the United Kingdom has been a world leader in scientific research for over half a millennium. Despite […]

NASA discovers seven exoplanets around dwarf star TRAPPIST-1

In a much-anticipated news conference held on Wednesday, NASA announced the discovery of seven planetary bodies in the TRAPPIST- 1 system. TRAPPIST-1 is a small, faint star found in the Aquarius constellation, situated approximately 40 light years away from us! In itself not terribly exciting – we discover news stars all the time – but it […]

Alms of the vein: are anti-ageing efforts a possibility?

Anti-ageing: a problem caused by ever improving medical resources and health care, and the reason for an older population. As such, combating this is a goal that we are constantly striving to achieve. There are constant efforts to find a cure for the effects aging has on the bodily systems, and millions are spent to […]

Huge crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf threatens to break off into the sea

Science has warned us over and over again: climate change is real. It is happening now, and with every passing year, we can witness the slow, inevitable approaching change that glares over us. Make no mistake, I am not referring to some obscure Hollywood apocalyptic scenario; no… The change is much more subtle but no less terrifying. […]

Your wine and climate change

Just when you thought climate change couldn’t get any worse. Ocean acidification, sea-level rise, hurricanes, we know what we’re in for, correct? Well, if you are – like me – a wine enthusiast, you’re in for yet another dissapointment. A word of advice: start stocking up now. Until recently, the wine industry had greatly benefited from […]

40 years to find a Proof

The Kelmans-Seymore conjecture is only one sentence long but thanks to the work of mathematicians at Georgia Institute of Technology, it now has 120 pages of mathematics to (hopefully) back it up. This conjecture is almost 40 years old! In 1977, Paul Seymore from Princeton University came up with this idea and just 2 years […]

From Europe to Europa – in search of life

From the earliest astronomers to the space race of the late 21st century, space exploration has always had one question in mind: is there life elsewhere in the universe? Although numerous exoplanets (planets located outside of our solar systems) offer habitable zones, scientists at ESA and NASA are looking a bit closer to home. Europa, […]

University of St Andrews leads new TB data-sharing platform

Data collected from one of the largest tuberculosis (TB) clinical drugs trials, lead by the University of St Andrews, has been released as part of a new data-sharing platform. The trial, completed in 2014, sought to investigate whether moxifloxacin, an antibacterial drug used in the treatment of pneumonia and bronchitis [1], could be used as a […]

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