Jaws: The Deadly Myth

We have all seen, or at least heard of, the famous thriller/horror film Jaws. It induced nightmares and possibly a hatred of sharks in the general public, so that today people still seem to think that these sleek predators are terrifying, prolific man-eaters that Jaws portrays them to be. I think it is high time people understood the truth. Recently […]

6 tips on how not to stay single for next year’s Valentines day

A month has now past since Valentines Day and one question that we’re asking is, were you single on Valentines day? Did you spend it alone in your room, watching The Notebook and stuffing your face with Fisher and Donaldson fudge doughnuts, whilst cradling a bottle of wine (or several)? Did you spend the night […]

Obesity: Is it in our genes?

With reports on the soaring rates of worldwide obesity, scientists are now examining our DNA to see if our genetics can affect how we gain weight. Many people would agree that obesity appears to run in families and this makes a genetic contribution seem likely. Indeed various studies have estimated heritability of obesity from anything […]

Deciphering the language of dolphins

Dr Stephanie King and Dr Vincent Janik from the University of St Andrews’ Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU), have made a tantalising breakthrough after 10 years of research on trying to understand the language of dolphins – could mankind in a not-so-distant future actually communicate with another species? Dr King’s and Dr Janik’s research on […]

Music of the Gears: Inside the UK’s Largest Operational Optical Telescope

The best part about working with the James Gregory Telescope is listening to its euphony of noises. The low-pitch drone of the motor when the telescope is tracking the motion of the stars, controlled by a giant clockwork. The underlying hiss of the power generator. The loud metallic bang when the clamps are released, followed […]

Q&A: Working in the Perfume Industry

Firmenich is one of the world’s leaders in the fragrance and flavour industry with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1985, this historical company is still family owned. In 2013, Firmenich held 14% of the world market share in its industry. It has been awarded more than 35 R & D prizes including a Nobel Prize

Regenerative Medicine as a Future Alternative for Organ Transplantation

Medicine of the 21st century is significantly improving and a high number of lethal diseases can be treated or prevented when the appropriate treatment is applied. However, many major health issues remain unsolved worldwide, with organ failure being one of them. Crucially important organs such as the kidney, liver or heart can develop disorders and sometimes the last resort is organ […]

Genome Sequencing: The Future of Medicine?

The publication of the complete Human Genome in April 2003 was a gateway to a new era of molecular medicine; for the first time we got a glimpse into the blueprint of a human being. It did not, however, provide all the answers, rather, it created a whole array of new questions, the most important […]

Climate Change Skeptics: Living in Denial?

In 2006 the world saw the release of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and it began to seem as though the key facts about anthropogenic climate change were becoming more widely accepted in society. Yet, seven years later, step outside the world of environmental science and the reality of climate change is still doubted, debated and […]

‘Life, but not as we know it’ : Astrobiology in St Andrews and beyond, Part V

At the UK Centre for Astrobiology Conference in April, researchers from St Andrews University presented papers showing the diversity of research into alternative environments that have the potential to sustain life.

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