Why is there a massive void in space?

Most of us have heard the terms before; interplanetary, interstellar (great movie by the way), intergalactic… but I’m going to go one step higher: Interuniversal. The space between universes… Yes, I’m implying there is more than one, and I’m going to tell you about an observable phenomena that might just prove it. It’s called the […]

This Week in Science History: Feb 27th – Mar 5th

Do you know when humans first landed a probe on a different planet? What about when the National Academy of Sciences was founded? Take a walk back in time with us to find out! February 27th: The medical scientist Charles Herbert Best was born on this date in 1899. Best was a recent graduate of the University […]

Bayesian Statistics and the Law

There were many winners at the Golden Globes this year including The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story which came away with 2 wins and 5 nominations. The program, which aired at the beginning of 2016, was praised for bringing the famous case back into the public eye after 20 years. The court case […]

Magic Square on the Sagrada Familia

In June, I was lucky enough to explore the beautiful city of Barcelona. It was an incredible few days walking the sunny streets, lying on the beach and gazing at the incredible buildings that make up the city. My favourite sight, however, was the Sagrada Familia. This beautiful basilica is credited to Antoni Gaudi, who […]

The Treatment of Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by symptoms such as continuous low mood, feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, changes in sleep pattern and many more. The World Health Organisation estimates that by 2020 depression will be the second most common cause of disability [1]. This is most concerning. Not only can depression dramatically diminish quality […]

The Mechanics of Marathon Running

25th September 2016 saw Ethiopia’s Kenenisa Bekele narrowly miss out on a Marathon World Record with a time of 2:03:03 at the Berlin Marathon (the current record is held by Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto at 2:02:57). One question many people may wonder is, over the course of 26.2 miles, what actually happens to the human body […]

Counting To Two

We grow up believing numbers are a universal language. People living in different countries with different cultures and languages can still agree that 2+2=4. However, this is not true of everyone sharing our planet. There are some people who don’t use the same counting system as us, such as the Pirahã. They are a tribe […]

I Can’t Believe My Eyes: Life With Bonnet Syndrome

Hallucinations, therefore moments of perception of stimuli that are not present at the given situation, can have multiple causes. From use of addictive substances such as hallucinogens or other psychoactive substances across hypnotic suggestions to extreme physical or mental exhaustion of an organism, experienced for example by endurance racers or ultra-marathon runners. In all cases, […]

Stimulants: How can something so popular be so damaging?

In recent years drugs like Adderall, used in the treatment of ADHD, have become familiar to university students across the US and UK. Many students have abused prescription stimulants like Adderall in the belief that it will enhance their ability to focus. The term ‘cognitive enhancement’ has been popularised by the media, with frequent debates […]

The Mathematics of Humour

Snunkoople, howaymb, finglam and quingel – no, these aren’t real words but they are funny according to a study carried out last year, which has managed to find humorous words using the mathematics of probability. In November 2015, a paper was published concerning a study that aimed “to directly test Schopenhauer’s hypothesis that greater incongruity […]

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